DCSO Joins Wisconsin VINE Program

3/26/12 – The Dodge County Sheriffs Department has partnered with the Department of Justice in providing data to the Wisconsin VINE Network. It stands for “Victim Information & Notification Everyday” and Sheriff Todd Nehls says the resource allows crime victims and the public to

access information about offenders who are in the custody of the sheriffs department. It also allows victims to receive automated notification if the status of the offender changes. Nehls says Wisconsin VINE is designed to empower and protect crime victims, improve public safety, and assist corrections, law enforcement and victim service providers. The service is anonymous and confidential. Those who register will be able to receive automated telephone calls and/or email notification when there is a change in the offender’s custody status. Registration can be done online or by calling a toll-free number. Contact information is on our website wbevradio.com. Call 1-888-944-8463 or visit the website at www.vinelink.com.