DCSO Highlight Scam Involving Alliant Energy, Focus On Energy Program

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is highlighting a scam that is making the rounds. Officials say a local citizen received their monthly Alliant Energy bill with a sheet attached that talked about the Focus on Energy program.

This program allows customers to receive certain items for free once a year, such as a four pack of light bulbs. When the citizen called the number on the sheet, they were informed that they would be required to pay the $1.95 postage. She provided her credit card information but felt off about the situation and hung up.

The citizen then called the Focus on Energy program and was told that all of their products are free. Authorities say the attached sheet looked official, as there was an Alliant Energy symbol in the upper right corner. They add that it is always in someone’s best interest to call the actual company if something seems off.