DCSO Fundraising For TEMS Program

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is asking for support to help fund an important program that is part of their SWAT team. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they have TEMS – or Tactical EMS – embedded with their SWAT team to provide immediate medical care for anyone who is injured. He says this service is vital if an incident becomes violent and an officer is injured on scene. Local fire departments had been assisting the program by providing the medics but in recent weeks have had to pull-back their involvement. Schmidt says they are now turning to the public for support. He says the program roughly costs $8,000 a year to fund the TEMS officers. Schmidt says a small donation can make all the difference in ensuring that they always have quality medical care ready for critical incidents. More information on the TEMS program and how to donate can be found on the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office App https://apps.myocv.com/share/a50453039 or the home page of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office website www.dodgecountysheriff.com in the right column.