DCSO Encourage Motorists To Give Other Vehicles Enough Space

(Juneau) Dodge County law enforcement is reminding motorists to not follow too closely to another vehicle. It is the Dodge County Sheriff’s November Law of the Month.

According to state statutes, the operator of a motor vehicle shall not follow too closely than is reasonably sensible, with regard to the speed of the vehicle in front of them and those on the highway. Also, the operator of a vehicle must be able to keep a distance no less than 500 feet of the rear of any vehicle and leave enough room so that an overtaking vehicle may enter and occupy such space without danger.

Authorities say that it is important to keep in mind that while you may think you are a good driver, you cannot predict what the car in front of you is going to do. The sheriff adds that tailgating will not make a car go faster, but it will irritate them.