DCSO Detail Initial Steps Once Hired At Their Agency

(Juneau) Members of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office gave insight to those considering a career in law enforcement. Sheriff’s Deputy and Field Training Officer Jamie Buelter says the first step is completing the required six month police academy course. She notes their agency will sponsor those who have not yet finished the academy.

Graduates will then return to the sheriff’s office to go through 16-weeks of training with a field officer. Buelter says each trainee goes through multiple phases, in which skills are learned and then built upon. She says a number of different field training officers will end up working with the individual.

Field training officers come from all sectors of the sheriff’s office including the department of corrections, communications, and patrol. During a recent Community Comment, Captain and Jail Administrator Scott Smith lauded Dodge County’s core group of field training officers. He says they are non-certified teachers required to do some (quote) “serious hardcore teaching.” Smith adds it is make or break for those going through the training program and their field officers regularly get them through it.

Buelter says when working with a new hire that is about to begin training, she identifies their strengths and weaknesses so they can improve. She says all field training officers work together as a team to tailer each program so the trainee is successful.

Both Buelter and Smith says an ideal candidate is someone with high integrity, accountable for their actions, and is a team player.

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