DC Humane Society Contracting With Municipalities For 2018 Services

10/9/17 – Officials with the Dodge County Humane Society are encouraging local municipalities to consider their services when preparing their 2018 budgets. Executive Director Kensie Drinkwine says the non-profit currently contracts with 14 of the 42 municipalities in Dodge County for stray animal services, that includes cities, villages and townships. Drinkwine says some of the communities that do not contract will try to provide their own animal contract services while others may contract with a veterinarian or simply do nothing at all. She says that leaves people on their own to figure out how to find their missing pets or find a home for a stray. The Humane Society is sending out letters to all municipalities outlining the opportunities the shelter provides. Drinkwine says if the public wants the services of the Humane Society in their community, then she encourages them to contact their local elected representative. She says it would be great if everyone in the county contracted with the Humane Society so everyone knew where to look should they lose an animal. Different communities can contract for different services so for example, the city of Beaver Dam contracts for dogs and cats while the Town of Beaver Dam contracts only for dogs. The cost of the contracts can run anywhere from under $1000 for up to five stray animals up to around $47-thousand for unlimited pickup service, offered around the clock, nights, weekends and holidays.