DC Board Votes Not to Increase Insurance Contribution

10/19/11 – Roughly 90 employees and union representatives were on hand last night as a resolution to increase Dodge County’s premium contribution rate for health insurance was defeated by the Board of Supervisors. The issue stems from the passage of Wisconsin Act 10, which is forcing employees to pay about 12-percent toward their health insurance. However, because of rate increases by one of the insurance providers in Dodge County some employees would be paying as much as 19-percent if the county’s contribution was the 60-percent recommended by the Human Resources Committee. The resolution brought forward by six supervisors last night would have raised the contribution to 65-percent and had minimum premiums of $25 for a single plan and $50 for a family plan. However, that plan was found not to be in compliance with state regulations and was defeated. A resolution setting the contribution at 62.5-percent was also shot down. One of the supervisors who brought the initial resolution, Roger Mattson, told County Administrator Jim Mielke that the impact of the 19-percent contribution would be hardest on those making the least money. In response, Mielke said that while he would follow the directions they gave him, the 65-percent contribution would force the county to cut about $680,000 from the 2012 budget and might have to include layoffs. It’s possible that the contributions could be revisited during budget deliberations, which get underway this afternoon when the Finance Committee meets.