Daniel B Toll, II “Danny”

Daniel B Toll, II “Danny” age 19 of Juneau went to heaven on Thursday April, 1st 2021 in the arms of his parents.

Danny was born on December 17, 2001 in Madison WI to Daniel and Dawn Toll. Danny lived in Juneau with his family. He attended the Dodgeland school 3k-12th, 2021 graduating this year. He made so many lasting friendships with his ABA therapists, Paras, and teachers along his learning journey through autism at Dodgeland school & home therapies, as did his family.

Danny immensely enjoyed music, the slides at any park(including water parks), watching Pixar & Disney movies, his blue crochet hat his grandmother Barbara made for him, going on walks, bowling with his family, swimming with grandma Barb & mom. Looking at newspaper fliers, getting his ears cleaned and hair brushed by mom, snuggles on the couch with whoever was sitting next to him, shopping trips with dad to Aldi’s, Piggly Wiggly or Walmart. Tearing out newspaper words or pictures so he could communicate his wants and needs. We will desperately miss hearing his laughter at certain movie clips that he would play over and over and say, “funny….funny hahahaha”. He especially loved the Pixar movie “Up”. There is a scene in movie when Ellie & Carl meet….Ellie said, “You don’t talk much do you, I like you!”. Danny replayed this over and over so many times. I knew he felt he could relate in his own way.

Danny was so so smart, he understood so much. Anyone who took the time to get to know him, knew he had his own language. He may have not spoken like an atypical kid does but he spoke in his own way. Its ashame that a few kids who should know better took advantage of this and made jokes at his expense over the sounds Danny made. He did understand what you were doing & it hurt him. That’s not okay to bully someone who can’t speak up or stand up for himself, it’s wrong on many levels. Its to late for apologies, you won’t mean it anyway. Danny tried so very hard to communicate with those he trusted. He had the sweetest, kindest heart, brought out the good in all who truly knew him and loved him, and that he loved back.

Andy and Danny were three years apart in age, both experiencing so many of life’s milestones together. Andy will miss “hearing his shows play in the background, Danny’s jumping and his laugh. Helping his brother get ready for school every morning with mom. I will miss everything about him, he was the biggest part of my life”.

Delainey said, “I will miss his laughter & his movies/shows playing. Cooking his mac’n cheese just the way he likes it because we both liked it made the same way.”


Danny’s baby sister Brinnliey said, “he was my buddy, he trusted me, he would take my hand and walk with me anywhere. I love and miss you so much Danny buddy!”.

Our hearts are shattered, our family revolved around Danny, our sweet blue eyed boy. How do we learn to live in a world you dont exist in anymore? Danny, we promise to take you, your memory and love with us wherever we go.


He will infinitely missed by his parents Daniel & Dawn Toll of Juneau, his siblings Andy, Delainey & Brinnliey Toll. Maternal grandparents Richard & Barbara Wagner of Reeseville. Paternal grandmother Nancy Toll of Beaver Dam. Uncles Robert(Debbie) Wagner of Alabama, Ken Bork of Juneau, Michael Toll of Beaver Dam. Aunts Brenda(Travis) Ricco-Wagner of Beaver Dam, Angela(Al) Winecke of Baraboo, Valerie Latendresse of Madison. He will be dearly missed by his cousins Nikki(Sam) Ricco, Gabby Frederickson. Danny will be so very missed by his extended family, teachers, paras, therapists, classmates. Those who’s lives he touched, he will always walk with you.

He is preceeded in death by his baby sister GraceLynn(04/08/03), maternal great grandparents Martin & Lois Reshel, Great Uncle Martin Reshel Jr, Great Aunt Billie Reshel, second cousin Maxwell Lulich. Paternal great grandparents Ruby Toll, Eugene Toll, Marianne Fennema, Grant Miswald. Paternal grandfather Larry Toll, paternal Aunt Amy Toll Bork, second cousin Gavin Eckert.

Special thank you to Juneau EMS & Firefighters, Juneau Police, Beaver Dam Paramedics, Dodge County deputies, Beaver Dam Hospital Dr. & nurses, CNA’s who answered our call for help that night. We understand that calls like this are not only hard for families but first responders too. Thank you so very much for doing everything you did to help our son. You are all in our prayers.

Special thank you Danny’s school buddy since 3k. I know sometimes Danny could get sassy with his moods and his other days fun & happy. I just want to thank you so dearly for making Danny’s days at school fun, exciting and being a constant person to be with for so long. I know Danny will miss you just as much.

Special thank you to Danny’s teachers, paras/aid, classroom peers, other school workers for helping & understanding our son in each your own special ways. We feel so very lucky our Danny was loved by so many.

Every night I would whisper in your ear, while you slept….
Danny, it’s mommy. If you need me, call me. I will come running.

Adventure is out there! Always take me with you. I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart. For Infinity and beyond….

CELEBRATION OF DANNY’S COLORFUL LIFE to be held on Saturday April 10, 2021. Visitation will take place from 10a.m. until the time of the Celebration of Life Service at 12:00 (noon) at Cornerstone Funeral & Cremation Home 135 Keller Blvd. Beaver Dam, WI. Danny loved loved tie dye shirts & casual clothes so please wear casual tie dye/COLORFUL comfy clothes. That’s how Danny would want you to remember him, his love was colorful and comfy.

Thank you to Cornerstone Funeral & Cremation Home for helping us plan services for Danny.