Dane County Bomb Squad Disposes Of Grenade Pulled From Beaver Dam River

(Beaver Dam) A grenade pulled from the Beaver Dam River was disposed of by a bomb squad Monday afternoon. Around 4:40pm, the Beaver Dam Police Department was dispatched to 222 Madison Street near the dam for a report of a grenade being retrieved from the water by an individual who was “magnet finishing.” That is when a person uses a large, powerful magnet thrown into the water to gather metal objects such as lures that are laying at the bottom of the river or lake.

After inspecting the grenade, it was determined that it was real and potentially “live.” Meaning it could detonate under the right circumstances. Local law enforcement contacted the Dane County Bomb Squad to discuss proper procedure to dispose of the grenade. After they reviewed photos and spoke with Beaver Dam Police Department supervisors, a Dane County Bomb Squad team was sent to assist in the grenades disposal.

Due to the degradation of the grenade from being in water for quite some time, the team was unable to confirm if it was actually “live” without further testing but felt it was necessary to take precautions. The bridge over the dam was shut down for roughly two hours while the grenade was removed, disposed of properly and rendered safe by the Dane County Bomb Squad team.