Dairy Error: Manure Spreader Collides With Train

(Town of Calamus) A train collided with a tractor pulling a manure spreader Saturday afternoon in the Town of Calamus. The crash occurred on Forest Road at County Road DE around 3:20pm. There were no injuries. Beaver Dam Fire Captain Paul Hartl says the local farmer told him that he initially did not see the train coming until it was too late and then “put the hammer down” in an effort to beat the train. The operator of the 42-car train, that was hauling coal, saw the tractor and attempted to slow down but it took another 300 yards to come to a complete stop. The tractor just barely got over the tracks when the lead engine clipped its back wheel. The train struck the spreader head on. The spreader was destroyed and manure completely coated the two lead engines of the train. Union Pacific sent an investigator to the scene. The railroad was also responsible for cleanup.


Photos courtesy of Paul Hartl