County Board Votes In Support Of Tax Loophole Elimination

4/19/17 – The Dodge County Board has decided to back a statewide initiative to eliminate a tax loophole that big box stores are using to lower their property tax bill. It is called the Dark Store concept; the bigger retailers want their property assessed as if no one is operating in them which would lower how much they would pay in property taxes. This loophole shifts burden back to local tax payers and home owners who need to make up the difference from the tax breaks the big box stores receive. The county board’s First Vice Chair David Frohling says that with the resolution the board passed will go to the legislature and the governor urging them to draft legislation, noting that currently no legislation is drafted to deal with this issue. He adds that the Counties Association League of Municipalities is working on getting support throughout the state and that he hopes this will be a bi-partisan legislation. Frohling says that legislation might be ready to review before years end.