County Board Sends Sheriff, Clerk of Courts Salary Increase Back To Committee

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board decided that they needed more information before voting on a wage increase for two elected positions. If the resolution presented during Wednesday night’s meeting was approved, the sheriff salary would have increased by 6.6-percent next year from $91-thousand dollars to $97-thousand followed by a 1.5-percent increase each year through 2022. The clerk of court salary would have jumped from $69-thousand dollars to $75-thousand in 2019, an 8.6-percent increase. It also included a 1.5-percent increase each subsequent year through 2022. Several supervisors raised concerns over the data that was used in determining the pay increases. They cited pay scales from surrounding counties, number of employees, and departmental budgets in saying there was not enough information. Supervisor Jeff Berres said more work needed to be done to establish a detailed cost of living report to find out what Dodge County tax payers could afford. Berres made a motion to send the resolution back to the Human Resources Committee for re-analysis which was passed by a 16-to-8 vote.