County Board Executive Committee Gets Update On Audit

(Juneau) The president of a California firm conducting an operational analysis of the sheriff’s office gave the Dodge County Executive Committee an update on their progress Wednesday. In December the county board hired Matrix Consulting Group to review a number of different areas including an evaluation of budgeting and financial procedures.

The study will also look at staffing levels; evaluate service contracts such as food, medical and US Marshal Holds; and develop best practice policies. President Richard Brady says there were a good number of sheriff’s office employees who took part in an anonymous survey.

There were 108 total respondents, roughly two-thirds of the sheriff’s office which Brady says is a good response rate. He added that over half of them worked in the jail.

Brady says survey returns highlighted several positive areas including community relations, quality of staff and teamwork within the sheriff’s office. He did note that there were a few negatives such as low staffing, effectiveness of the drug task force and issues with contract services for the jail. Brady says recruitment and retention was a noted issue in the survey as well as internal communication.

The review is slated for completion around the end of June. At that time, a final report will be developed with the goal of presenting it to the county board in August.