County Board Approves Staffing Changes In Sheriffs Dept

8/16/17 – The Dodge County Board last night approved several position changes at the Sheriff’s Office. The Recreational Patrol Officer position – whose duties were to monitor boat, ATV, and snowmobile control – was abolished to create a deputy patrol positon. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his office will continue to monitor recreational activities and there could potential be more supervision moving forward. He says the change was made to be better aligned with the rest of the positions in the Sheriff’s Office. Schmidt says this will allow him to put that officer back into patrol during off seasons and then put another deputy into more community programs. The board also approved the creation of two new deputy patrol positions that will focus on education, prevention, and intervention of drug use and abuse. He says filling those positons depends on whether his office receives a Community Oriented Policing grant which works to aid communities facing public safety issues. He says these two positions will allow his office to do more hands-on activities and educational services in the community than before. Schmidt says the positions will go unfulfilled if the grant is not awarded to his office and that there is no immediate time table for when the grant will be finalized.