Council to Consider Action Against Sheboygan Mayor

7/29/11 – The Sheboygan City Council will consider a resolution on Monday night calling on Mayor Bob Ryan to step down after his latest alcohol relapse. But the first-term mayor says he won’t quit on his own. He told a Sheboygan radio station yesterday that he’s sorry for what happened but feels he can (quote) “lead the city better than anybody can.” For the first time, Ryan said he would not refute what witnesses said about his three-day drinking binge in Elkhart Lake last weekend. He admitted passing out in a bar and getting into a scuffle with a tavern patron – but he insisted he did not start that incident. It was the third time since he was elected mayor in 2009 that Ryan had a public episode with alcohol. And Ryan said quote, “I’m to the point if it happens again, I need to walk away.” The mayor said what he did was indefensible – and while alcoholism is part of his history he says it does affect his ability to lead the city. If he does not step down, the Sheboygan City Council president said he might face punishment ranging from censure to removal…if someone files a complaint.