Cost of Powerball Increasing

7/1/11 – If you play Powerball, you might want to put a little more money aside for it. The price of a ticket will double starting in mid-January, to two-dollars. The starting jackpot will double from 20-million dollars to 40-million. And it will be a little easier to win, because the Powerball will be chosen from 35 numbers instead of 39. The five regular numbers will still be from 1-to-59. But the odds of winning any prize will drop from one-in-35, to one-in-31-point-eight. Powerball will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and that’s why the changes are coming. The jackpot has been hit five times so far this year – most recently last night, when a player in Georgia matched all the numbers to win 77-point-one million dollars. Wisconsin players did not have much luck. They won nothing more than 300-dollars last night. Powerball is played in Wisconsin and 41 other states, Washington D-C, and the U-S Virgin Islands.