Cooper Street Cost Overrun, Extension Approved

2/7/17 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee Monday night approved a time extension and cost overages for the replacement of the Cooper Street culverts. Michel’s Corporation of Brownsville is handling the $500-thousand-dollar project. The old culverts were responsible for backing up the flow of the Beaver Dam River which, during times of heavy rain, resulted in upstream flooding. Mike Laue with MSA Professional Services says the winter is the best time of year to undertake repairs that require controlling water levels. However, this season was a challenge a challenge because of rainy weather, unexpected water flow from Fox Lake and other weather-related factors. The committee last night approved a change order for additional costs totaling $112-thousand dollars. In addition, the city has extended the date for substantial completion of the project – meaning the date the dam could again be opened – from February 1 until March 17. The final date for completion remains June 3; that is when the landscaping must be complete. Michel’s Corporation of Brownsville is handling the $500-thousand-dollar the culvert replacement. Grant funding covered $425-thouand dollars of the project but the city will have to pay for the cost overrun with the money coming from the Storm Water Utility.