Congressman Glenn Grothman Talks Obamacare

(Beaver Dam) A local congressman believes a new national healthcare policy is a top priority for this legislative session.  In an exclusive interview with WBEV, Representative Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional District discussed the plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, one of the key points of many Republicans’ campaigns.  The GOP cites a drastic increase in premiums for many states in 2017 and limited options for coverage with a number of providers dropping out of the plan.  Democrats argue that a number of people have benefitted greatly from the ACA and say many would lose coverage if it is repealed.  Grothman, a Glenbeulah Republican, calls Obamacare a “very comprehensive government takeover of healthcare” and believes legislators can look to the private sector for the solution.  He says the usage of health savings accounts, on-site clinics, and self-insurance policies by many individual businesses have allowed their healthcare costs to decrease between 20-40%.  Despite a 52-48 Republican majority in the Senate, Grothman says repealing and replacing Obamacare is not that simple.  He believes a new plan could be in place within three or four months but only if the Senate goes against its typical policy of only taking action when there is a voting margin of 60-40 or greater.  Grothman says it is highly unlikely that eight Democrats would join the Republicans in replacing the Affordable Care Act, as it is a great source of pride for Democratic legislators.  He says if people question why nothing is getting done in the Senate, it is likely due to the body keeping its 60 vote rule.  If a new healthcare plan is approved, Grothman says lawmakers will ensure a smooth transition by allowing people to get their Obamacare coverage until the replacement plan is implemented.  Meanwhile, Grothman says other issues he wants to address this session include reforming welfare to save taxpayers money and streamlining the Department of Education.