Concealed Weapons to be Allowed at the Capitol

10/27/11 – The Walker administration has apparently decided to let people carry concealed weapons in most parts of the State Capitol. Nothing’s official yet. But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says guns will be banned in the State Supreme Court chamber. Legislators can decide for themselves whether to allow hidden weapons in their own offices. And the Assembly’s Organization Committee will meet today to decide whether to allow guns in the Assembly chamber during its sessions. The concealed weapons law takes effect Tuesday, when people can start getting state permits to carry hidden guns. The Journal Sentinel says one proposal would allow guns to be carried on the Assembly floor and in the viewing galleries – where 12 people were arrested Tuesday for carrying signs and video-taping a session in violation of Assembly rules. Racine County Republican Robin Vos said he did not see a contradiction in allowing guns in the gallery but not the use of live video-recorders.