Conceal Carry Law Goes into Effect Tomorrow

10/31/11 – Tomorrow is the first day Wisconsin residents can apply for permits to carry concealed weapons. The new Wisconsin law bans concealed weapons in places like schools, courthouses, and airport security lines. But state and local governments have the option of banning concealed carry in their buildings, as do businesses. And many, but not all, expect to do so. The Walker administration is allowing hidden weapons in most state buildings. The Assembly will allow weapons in its chamber while the Senate will not. However, not all companies will ban hidden heat, because they’d have to put up signs prohibiting it – and that might not be good for business. U-W campuses will ban guns from buildings but not campus grounds. U-W sports stadiums will ban them — and so will Lambeau Field, Miller Park, and the Bradley Center. Despite the law going into effect tomorrow, it will be a few weeks before the state Justice Department can issue the first permits that will be required.