Con Artists Claiming To Be With The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a phone scam with the perpetrators claiming to be with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office.  The caller claims to be “Major Walker” or “a judge” or some other high-ranking official with the department. The suspects have even provided fake phone numbers, which they answer claiming to be the Sheriff’s Office, and apparently even have an answering machine. The caller makes false claims about there being an arrest warrant, or that jury duty was missed, to scare people into making payments.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his office will never call a citizen and ask them to pay for a warrant over the phone. Warrants can be paid in person at the Clerk of Courts office during regular business hours or at the Dodge County Jail 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Also, the sheriff points out that warrants cannot be paid with gift cards or by using a direct deposit from a bank account. In addition, the sheriff’s office would never ask someone to wire money from Western Union, would never give someone money, or ask for a refund of any kind.

Anyone who receives a similar phone call is advised to hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office directly. Schmidt says the fastest way to stop these scams is to get this information out to as many people as possible so the con artists realize there is no profit to be made.