Competency Exam Ordered in Stabbing

6/3/11 – A judge has ordered a competency exam for the Horicon teen accused of stabbing a woman in her home last week. 17-year-old Cory Frederiksen was in court yesterday for his preliminary hearing but Judge Steven Bauer granted a postponement until the psychological exam could be completed. Frederiksen is charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his 53-year-old neighbor Candia Rehse as many as 18-times in the early morning hours of May 23rd. Authorities say Rehse went to get something to eat before 5 a-m, and when she returned to her Horicon home, she walked in on Frederickson and was attacked, leaving her with a fractured skull and deep lacerations among other injuries. Police say they have the knife that was allegedly used and Frederickson’s bloody clothes. Frederiksen has been in custody since the incident on a quarter-million dollar bond.