Compensation Study To Analyze All Dodge County Positions

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board approved a compensation and benefits study of all county employees Tuesday night, but not without concerns raised by supervisors. McGrath Human Resources Group was hired at a cost of roughly $92-thousand dollars to conduct a comprehensive compensation, classification and benefits analysis for all county jobs. One hundred thousand dollars ($100-thousand) was included for the project in the Human Resources Department’s 2020 budget. Supervisor Joseph Marsik, who is a member of the Human Resources and Labor Negotiations Committee, says the review is needed to see if the county’s wages are competitive in the current marketplace.

Supervisor Jeff Schmitt noted that the county searches for outside or independent firms to conduct such studies. Schmitt suggested to outsource the Human Resource Department entirely and to hire a firm on a professional basis who can handle this type of work nonstop. His comments drew a response from Dodge County Administrator Jim Mielke who praised the Human Resources Department and Director Sarah Hinze. Schmitt said his statements does not mean that the department does a bad job and was only noting Supervisors Marsik’s comments that pointed out human resources is overwhelmed with the tasks that they have.

Mielke says Schmitt’s sentiments are not entirely accurate. He says when a department of only six deals with 950 county employees there are a lot of issues that come up on a day to day basis. Adding that outsourcing that type of volume is not in the best interest of the county and that they should be in support of the challenges that human resources confront daily.

Several county board members said they would not vote on the matter because there were still unanswered questions about the study’s goals and objectives. After a motion failed to postpone voting on the study until next month, the resolution passed with 21 yes votes to 8 no votes. McGrath will begin their study in January with the goal of presenting their findings to the county board no later than August.