Company With Ties To Beaver Dam Rings New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell

(Beaver Dam) A company with ties to Beaver Dam had the honor of ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange Friday. Evoqua Water Technologies, which is based in Pittsburg and has over 4000 employees globally, provides water and wastewater treatment solutions.

A company in Beaver Dam that was owned by Chuck and Randy Neuman called Engineered Treatment Systems was sold to Neptune Benson which was acquired by Evoqua in 2017. The former Evoqua building in Beaver Dam was sold to the city and is being developed into a new Department of Public Works facility. Tina Pawicz of Beaver Dam was among those with Evoqua who were in New York for the bell ringing.

Pawicz called the experience “exciting” saying they were treated to a history lesson on the tradition and a walkthrough of the wall bell ringers sign to mark the experience.