Community Comment Caller Recounts Near Miss In Fatal Wrong-Way Crash

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department says there has been an uptick in wrong-way drivers recently. Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says Highway 151 has been a particular hot spot for the problem. Just two weeks ago, on May 26, a Beaver Dam man drove the wrong way on Highway 151 killing both himself and a Sun Prairie man that he struck head-on.

Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment, a caller told us that he was driving on Highway 151 that night. When the car in front of him swerved, he saw headlights and (quote) “didn’t have a chance to think about and just made a reaction.” The caller said that close encounter has not only changed his outlook on life but on driving. He said it was the most traumatic experience in his life and every day since May 26 has been a gift. He added that he vowed from that day forward he would no longer use his phone while driving.

Officer Johnson says he has one very simple suggestion for anyone who finds themselves driving the wrong way on a freeway: pull over immediately. He says wait for traffic to clear to make a turn to go the right direction or exit the freeway immediately. Johnson says several causes of this issue include selecting the wrong entrance ramp, the driver being under the influence and inattentive driving.