Committee Releases Proposals to Maintain Roads

A higher gas tax, higher license-and-registration fees, and a first-of-its-kind fee according to how many miles you drive. That’s what a special commission recommended on Friday, to come up with six-billion-dollars it says will be needed over the next decade just to maintain the quality of the roads we now have. Governor Scott Walker and the Legislature created the study commission, to advise them on the best ways to pay for Wisconsin’s transportation needs. The pay-as-you-drive fee was first floated a few months ago – and incoming G-O-P Assembly Speaker Robin Vos recently said people are generally not ready to accept the concept yet. What the commission recommended was a fee of 1.02-cents for every mile a vehicle drives between three-thousand and 20-thousand per year. The motorist who drives 12-thousand miles a year would pay an extra 108-dollars on the top of the gas tax, which the commission says should go up by five-percent. It also recommends a 20-dollar increase in the fee for a new-or-renewed driver’s license – plus higher annual registration fees for commercial vehicles.