Comments Sought On Columbia County Incidental Take Notice

(Columbia County) The Department of Natural Resources is taking comments on a proposed permit for a road project in Columbia County that may result in the incidental taking of a rare lizard and turtle. DNR officials say the Bourbon Ridge Development proposes a minor re-alignment and extension of a public road to provide access to the parcel. They add that the presence of the state endangered slender glass lizard and ornate box turtle is confirmed in the area.

The proposed project may result in the incidental taking of some animals. Incidental take refers to the unintentional loss of individual endangered or threatened animals or plants that does not put the species’ overall population at risk.

The DNR says work crews will minimize the impacts of the species by adhering to conservation measures, which is unlikely to jeopardize the continued existence and recovery of the snake. Conservation measures to reduce the adverse effect on the endangered species will be incorporated into the proposed Incidental Take Permit.

Comments on the project can be sent to DNR Conservation Biologist Rori Paloski by December 30th at 101 South Webster Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53707 or email [email protected]. Paloski’s phone number is 608-516-3742.