Columbus Superintendent Talks District Report Card

(Columbus) Report cards for the Columbus School District have been recently released via the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Officials say overall, the district did very well. The high school “met expectations” while the elementary school is making “satisfactory progress.”
Superintendent Jacob Flood says, “we met expectations and just like I think every district in the state, we definitely have work to do.”
The work that needs to be done is through a math curriculum at the elementary school called Bridges. Flood says the focus is on how students perform in small groups.
“Not every student learns with a teacher in front of the class, but needs that additional help,” says Flood. “And we’re talking about students both on the higher performing end and the students that need a little bit of extra support.”
Flood says he is very proud of the progress that has been made and is confident that the work being put in will have positive outcomes.