Columbus School Board Adopts Preliminary Budget

9/26/17 – The Columbus School Board last night adopted the district’s preliminary budget for the current school year.  The estimated $14.5-million document includes a tax levy of $6.7-million dollar, which is just less than one-percent lower than last year.  The mil rate is estimated at $9.35 per thousand dollars of assessed value, which is 53-cents below last year’s mill rate of $9.88 per thousand. Columbus Business Administrator Janel DeZarn says that number is subject to change. Usually the annual meeting and budget hearing is held at the end of October when the membership count is completed, the aid is certified from the state and when the revenue limit is prepopulated by the state of Wisconsin. DeZarn says the tax levy was able to decrease due to an increase in equalization aid. The state will finalize the aid numbers on October 13th. The final school budget, tax levy and mill rate will be formally adopted by the board at a meeting on October 23rd.