Columbus Representative’s School Resource Officer Bill Passes The Assembly

(Columbus) The Wisconsin Assembly this week approved a pair of bills relating to school safety. One, from Representative Will Penterman of Columbus, would require hiring of a school resource officer if serious crimes are an issue.

“If there are 100 incidences which are spelled out in the bill, what would fall under that, that take place within a five month period…and then 25 of those result in a arrests being made taking place, again, on school grounds, in the school classroom, for sporting events, any of those sort of things, then that would require a school resource officer to need to be hired at that school by the start of the next school year,“ says Penterman.

It’s a companion bill to a measure requiring schools to gather data on disorderly conduct and violent crimes that are reported to police with charges or tickets issued. Neither bill received any Democratic votes.

Courtesy of WRN