Columbus Red Bud Players Putting On Agatha Christie Double Feature

(Columbus) The community is encouraged to attend a play being put on by the Columbus Red Bud Players beginning Friday. Kevin Miner, the president of the board of directors who also happens to be directing and starring in the play, explains what the performance is all about.

“We’re actually doing two short plays. They’re from a collection called ‘Rule of Thumb,’” Miner says. “The first one is called ‘The Wasps Nest.’ This one stars Agatha Christie’s famous detective Hercule Poirot. He’s trying to prevent a murder before it happens. The other one we’re doing is called ‘The Patient.’”      

Miner says “The Patient” is about a woman named Ms. Marple, who is recovering from a fall out of a second story window. The play operates as a whodunnit, where the audience can guess who is at fault for her injury before the play concludes. Miner explains why people should attend.

“They are both exciting productions to come and watch. See if you can play along, especially with ‘The Patient’,” says Miner. “But to see if you can match wits with Hercule Poirot, can you match wits with our inspector and try to figure out what’s going on before they do and before they can explain it. They’re both well done short productions.”        

The Columbus Red Bud Players performances of “The Wasp Nest” and “The Patient” begin Friday at 7:30pm. There will be additional performances Saturday and on December 9th, all starting at 7:30pm. The final show is at 2pm on December 11th. Tickets are $10 dollars at the door of the Fireman’s Park Pavilion in Columbus.