Columbus Police Department Swears In New Officers

(Columbus) Two new officers were sworn into the Columbus Police Department during the recent Columbus City Council meeting. Chief of Police Dennis Weiner is happy because the department is now fully staffed.
“This is a pretty happy occasion for us,” Weiner says. “We have not been up to staff for several years, and this will put us at ten, which we’re authorized for.
Weiner says that Sergeant Michael Rosecky and Officer Matthew Dammen bring plenty of experience to the department.
“Sergeant Rosecky brings many years of experience with a neighboring agency,” says Weiner. “His training will be very quick because they operate pretty much the same system we do. He knows the city. Officer Dammen has experience working part-time in a smaller municipality. So, he’ll need some more training, which is great.”
After Chief Weiner was finished giving background information about the two officers, they were then sworn in.