Columbus Officials Approve New Drainage System At Fireman’s Park

(Columbus) Residents of Columbus will soon see some changes in the area surrounding the deer pen at Fireman’s Park. At a recent Columbus Committee of the Whole meeting, Director of Public Works, Zach Navin relayed information about sinkholes affecting the parks drainage infrastructure. Navin cited a failing culvert that had collapsed for creating the sinkholes causing flooding within the park within the last several years. Initial suggestions to mitigate the issue were divided between tearing out and replacing the existing culvert, or replacing the culvert with an open ditch concept, which was ultimately the option approved by the council. The open ditch replacement was cited as being not only a better option to alleviate future flooding within that area of the city, but also a more fiscally responsible choice. Navin explained the cost would be $23,292.54, and that they would attempt to complete the project without affecting the footprint of the deer pen. He says the county will begin working on tearing out the existing culvert section and completing the work before the end of this year.