Columbus Officer Recognized For 20 Years of Service

(Columbus) A Columbus Police Department officer received an award at the Columbus City Council meeting this week. Officer Matthew Schultz was presented with a plaque celebrating and thanking him for his 20 years of service. Chief of Police Dennis Weiner talks about his many contributions over that time.
“Officer Schultz has had several roles in our department,” Weiner says. “He’s currently a firearms instructor, rifle instructor, he was the department’s humane officer, went to some special training for that. He’s been to some training recently for peer counseling.”
Schultz is also a biking officer during the summer months. Weiner says that recognizing officers like Schultz is very important.
“We need to recognize our employees,” says Weiner. “They are the most valuable asset to any city department. We got him a couple of things in recognition of it.”
Officer Schultz also received a metal badge engraved with his name and officer number.