Columbus/Fall River Come Together on EMS

2/26/12 – Columbus and Fall River EMS providers will be working together to provide emergency ambulance service starting on March 1st. The Fall River Fire District approved an agreement to

have Lifestar EMS provide the primary coverage for the group of communities in the Columbus and Fall River areas this past week. Lifestar has been the city of Columbus provider full-time since the beginning of the year when the Columbus Area EMS Board assumed control. Fall River has struggled providing 24/7 coverage for their area due to a lack of enough volunteers and trained staff members. In response, the board has now agreed to grant the Fall River District a four month service agreement with Lifestar under the 2012 contract. If the Fall River EMS is not able to recruit enough staff to resume the capability of providing a 24 / 7 service, the two districts could become a single larger EMS coverage area.