Columbus Council Narrow Down Choices For Garbage Collection

(Columbus) The Columbus City Council has narrowed their choice down to three companies for garbage pickup in the city. They are Columbia County, Pellitterri, and LRS. Alderwomen Sarah Motiff is leaning towards Pelliterri because of personal experience. 

“I’ve used Pellitterri in the past for commercial services, and they’ve done a fabulous job,” Motiff says. “And since the money is fairly equivalent, I’m tending to lean towards a provider who’s gonna give good service, and right now I’m feeling like that’s Pellitterri, just based on my past experiences.”  

The money equivalent Motiff is referring to is between Pellitterri and LRS on bulk pickup. Alderwoman Shelly Albright prefers to go with LRS. 

“So, I like what LRS has to say,” says Albright. “You know, I appreciate Pellitterri being a local company in Dane County and what not. But I think if I, if we were to choose today, I would choose to go with LRS as well as making sure we have the bulk pickup.” 

After further discussion, the council was split on what company to choose, and it was decided the final vote will take place at the next regular council meeting.