Columbus Approves Permit for Drexel Building Supply

9/6/17 – The Columbus City Council last night approved a request by Drexel Building Supply for a conditional use permit. The permit will allow Drexel to operate a 50-thousand-square foot general retail establishment. The request was approved contingent on the completion of recommendations from City Engineer Jason Lietha, including a waiver that would allow Drexel to construct an asphalt parking lot. The waiver would allow Drexel to bypass a city ordinance prohibiting asphalt surfaces at commercial or industrial sites. While not permitted under city ordinance, Lietha says a variance would be acceptable in this particular instance. He says that the only possible issues that could arise would be the dust from the asphalt but he notes there are no residential areas near the site. The next step is for Drexel to have the waiver approved by the city council.