Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Horse and Buggy Chase

(Columbia County) The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a rather unusual pursuit on Saturday morning.  Deputies were dispatched to assist with a horse that was able to free itself from a post it was secured to and take off pulling an empty buggy behind it.  The call came in as the unoccupied horse drawn buggy was traveling southbound on Highway 22 from Military Road in the township of Marcellon. Deputies were dispatched to the scene because of concerns over the possibility of a head-on collision with another vehicle.

A deputy was able to locate the horse and buggy as it turned eastbound on Highway 33 from Highway 22, activating the squad cars emergency lights to warn oncoming traffic of the runaway horse and buggy.  In an attempt to slow and eventually stop the horse, the deputy positioned his vehicle in front of the horse and buggy, slowing the squad cars speed.  The horse reportedly continued on at a full gallop and collided with the back of the squad car.  As a result the horse suffered an injury to it’s leg.  A veterinarian specializing in equine care was brought to the scene and after an examination of the animal advised the owner that the horse would need to be euthanized.  The horse and buggy were later removed from the scene by a private party.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is extending its sincere and heartfelt thoughts to the area Amish community in the loss of their horse.  Assisting on the scene and handling the crash investigation is Wisconsin State Patrol.