Clyman Strip Club Warrant Arrests Draw Statements From State Legislator, Candidate

(Clyman) State officials are weighing in on the federal warrant that was served Friday evening at the Hardware Store Gentleman’s Club in Clyman. The FBI, state Justice Department and Dodge County Sheriff’s Office were among the agencies that entered the Main Street business and made two arrests. While the full details of the search warrant have not been released, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says two arrest warrants were served on employees of the club. An 18-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested on four warrants that included Possession of Marijuana, Receiving Stolen Property, Disorderly Conducting and Resisting/Obstructing in addition to a Department of Corrections warrant. A 20-year-old Milwaukee woman was also arrested on a warrant for Retail Theft. During the search of the strip club, over a gram of crack cocaine was located; no one has been arrested yet for the illegal substance.

Statement from Republican State Senator Scott Fitzgerald of rural Juneau:

“I am encouraged that law enforcement is remaining vigilant in ensuring that criminal activity at area strip clubs will not be tolerated. The owners and management of these establishments have apparently refused to change their behavior and continue to tolerate unlawful and dangerous activity in their places of business. Patrons of these clubs should be on notice that they are being closely watched, and consider the ramifications of engaging in any type of illegal behavior. These clubs that have now been raided multiple times by federal, state, and local agencies, and evidence of prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and violence has been exposed. I will continue to work with Sheriff Schmidt, Attorney General Schimel, and others to determine what tools the state can provide to assist them in their efforts.”


Statement from State Senate District 13 candidate, Democrat Michelle Zahn of Rural Juneau:

“I would like to thank the Dodge County Sheriff’s department for their hard work in making us safe here in Dodge County. However, without more information than what was made public, there really isn’t much else that I can say regarding this specific incident. What prompted the request for the search warrant? What were they searching for? Did they find it? Were the rights of all involved respected?

I understand that this particular establishment has recently come under close public scrutiny. While one may disagree with the premise of the business, one must remember that it is a legal business. So long as they (the proprietors) follow the law as it is written, they are/should be permitted to remain in business. We must be careful about advocating for the closure of a legal business based upon the behavior of its employees. I believe that sort of reaction could open a very large box into which others might unintentionally fall.”