Clyman Researching Legal Impact Of Demerit Point Ordinance

(Clyman) The Clyman Village Board decided Monday night that more research needs to be done before implementing a demerit point ordinance. Public officials and law enforcement have called upon the village to enact the law that would allow the municipality to revoke the liquor license of establishments that fail to follow the law. The issue stems from the indictment of a Hartford man who allegedly operated a human-trafficking ring out of two Dodge County strip clubs – the Hardware Store in Clyman and the TNT Gentleman’s Club in Lebanon. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says local businesses who comply with the ordinance want to be in Clyman and it is up to the owners to decide if they want to abide by the law. He says his office has and will continue to execute bar checks at the Hardware Store. Village Trustee Beth Baehmann says she believes that a demerit point ordinance should be put in place but noted concerns over a current settlement between the village and the Hardware Store. She says an independent attorney has looked over the settlement document and recommended that more analysis needs be done on what the ordinance could open the village up to if passed. While the board did not wish to discuss the full details of the settlement, it did involve a dancer who was completely exposed from the waist up. Baehmann says the settlement and the proposed ordinance needs to be reviewed by the village’s attorney before any decisions are made. The village board is looking at adopting an ordinance that is similar to one currently in place in Lebanon. Baehmann says that the village wants to make sure that everything is in order and done right so future board members do not have to revisit this issue.