Clyman, Reeseville and Lowell Fire Departments Hope To Merge Within Two Years

(Clyman) The town and village of Clyman held a joint meeting Tuesday night to discuss merging their fire department with Reeseville and Lowell. Since 2014 all three departments run auto-aid between the three municipalities, meaning that each station would respond to an emergency situation upon request. Clyman, Reeseville and Lowell are entirely volunteer based but in recent years have struggled to find willing and able bodies. Clyman Fire Chief Eric Howlett says there are days that all three departments are one person away from not being able to roll out a truck in response to an emergency.

According to state statute, a town fire department requires 30 members. Howlett says Clyman is currently at 20 while Reeseville and Lowell sit at 15. He also points out that merging the three departments together would help save on equipment costs.

Clyman town board member Mark Othmer made a motion – which passed – to form a committee of all municipalities served by the departments with the goal of merging no later than January of 2022. Howlett says there is still plenty of details to figure out including how to best incorporate each departments budget and make it fair for local taxpayers.