Clothes for Kids Looking for More Space

10/8/11 – The founder of Clothes for Kids shared her Christmas wish list with us on WBEV’s Community Comment. Carrie Walsh called in during Tom Kennedy’s most recent appearance to remind the mayor that her charity has outgrown its current space below the Rogers. Walsh says they have maybe a total of 1000 square feet in their current location on East Maple and would like to at least double in size and maybe even offer handicapped parking. That led to some impromptu brainstorming and the mayor asked Walsh if she thought the current Community Activities and Services Center Building would be big enough once it moves to its new location on South Center Street. Walsh was very receptive to the idea. The discussion was just informal and no further decisions were made. It could be a couple years before the Community Activities and Senior Center completely moves to its new location as the project is relying solely on fundraising and is expected to be completed in phases.