City Acts On New Demerit Points Against Johnny’s Lounge

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam tavern that is already facing a suspension of its liquor license, is going to have to defend itself from another alleged infraction of the city’s Demerit Point Ordinance. Johnny’s Lounge is appealing a 15-day suspension in circuit court for a closing time fight last June. As part of an incident being addressed separately, the tavern was assessed another round of points under the ordinance for a bloody fight involving an underage patron in December. The city’s Administrative Committee Monday night authorized the city attorney to begin a process that will lead to city officials voting to suspend, revoke, renew or not renew Johnny’s Lounge liquor license.

During the December incident, a woman sustained a laceration from a beer bottle during an argument that required stitches. The 20-year-old suspect told police that no one at the bar checked her identification; she was cited for underage drinking. Johnny’s Lounge was assessed 300 points for the incident under the city’s Demerit Point Ordinance that regulates liquor license holders. That is in addition to 230 points assessed this summer following the June closing time fight. Taverns that accumulate 200 points in a rolling 18-month period could have their license suspended or revoked. Earlier this year, the Beaver Dam Administrative Committee recommended a 15-day suspension of the liquor license for the offense from June. That matter is being appealed at the circuit court level and the penalty would not be enacted until after the appeals process has been completed.