Chase Seated In Vacant Juneau Aldermanic Seat

8/9/17 – A former alderman was sworn-in last night to an aldermanic vacancy in the city of Juneau. Clarence “Butch” Chase noted after he was sworn-in that he had first been seated to the council in 1978 – the “same table and same chair” – and served several non-consecutive terms under five different mayors. Ward Three Alderman Daniel Schamberger quit at the end of last month’s meeting and the council formally accepted his resignation last night. Mayor Dan Wegener initially considered leaving the seat vacant for the final eight months of the term but said last night that he changed his mind because it would be difficult to reach a quorum on some committees. Three candidates expressed interest in the position. Chase was selected over former mayor Ron Bosak who had the support of Schamberger. Wegener said it was a difficult decision between equally-qualified, civic minded candidates. Bosak tells us that he only wanted to serve the community and its citizens and added that “hopefully, one day he will be back. The term runs through April of next year at which time Chase would need to run again to remain on the council.