Charlie Berens Beaver Dam Lake Jumps Featured On ‘Da Oh My Gosh’ Tour

(Beaver Dam) Those in attendance at comedian Charlie Berens show this weekend will see video of the Manitowoc Minute host learning to jump on water-skis on Beaver Dam Lake. The Beaverland Mustskis welcomed the Milwaukee-native to the state’s 16th largest lake last summer to teach him a few water-ski tricks. The Mustski’s Ron Wilkie, who is also with the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre, says he first got to know Berens while trying to book him for a show. The two had dinner while Wilkie was on a trip to Hollywood and one of the topics of conversation was the Beaverland Mustskis.

Wilkie says Berens made a surprise visit during the Mustskis Regional Tournament at Lake Wazeecha last July and wanted to do a jump. While he did “perform,” a deal was instead struck to have Berens return to Beaver Dam Lake to learn how to hit the ramps. Wilkie says it did not take Berens many attempts to nail a jump.

He says Berens had three unsuccessful jumps first which was then followed by five or six successful jumps.

During yesterday’s WBEV Community Comment, Wilkie said the whole event was captured on video. He says Berens brought his videographer and a drone to record. Wilkie also used his iPhone to document the comedian learning how to land a jump.

Wilkie says the video is incorporated into Berens show – Da Oh My Gosh Tour – which will be onstage at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre’s New Fine Arts Center Saturday. Wilkie says there are only a handful of tickets remaining, prices range from $30 dollars to a $60 dollar VIP pass that includes a meet and greet with Berens. More information is available at