Change the Clocks, Change Smoke Detector Batteries

10/31/11 – Two out of every ten smoke detectors don’t work because of dead or missing batteries. Beaver Dam Fire Chief Alan Mannel says you should put a few minutes from that extra hour of sleep you’ll gain from the clock change toward changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. Mannel says all batteries lose their effectiveness over time and having fresh ones in your home detectors could mean the difference between life and death. For a limited time, the department is handing out free nine-volt batteries and also has smoke detectors for those who cannot afford it. The end of Daylight Savings Time this coming weekend also means that sunset comes one hour earlier, and so evening commutes will likely require putting on headlights. Drivers will also need to be alert at crosswalks and along roadsides for pedestrians and bicyclists. Walkers and bikers should wear retro-reflective clothing or carry lights when out at dusk or after dark.