Challenger, Incumbent In Sheriff’s Race Differ On How Internet Crimes Against Children Are Being Handled

(Juneau) The candidates for Dodge County Sheriff have a difference of opinions on how the agency is and should handle crimes against the younger population.

Challenger Mark Colker, who is a 24-year law enforcement veteran, says he wants to create an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. He says he would like to get a few individuals together to investigate these issues full-time, noting that it would come at a cost. Colker adds that out-of-county detectives have offered to come to the sheriff’s office and train the staff at no cost. Colker says if elected, he would (quote) “make famous” individuals who prey on the communities most vulnerable.

Incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his department is already investing a number of resources and staff to handle these matters. He says over the last four-to-five years there have been 50-plus investigations into internet crimes against children. Schmidt says the sheriff’s office is doing what [Colker] claims they are not doing. Schmidt says (quote) “if he had $321-thousand-dollars to throw at three more detectives he would do it tomorrow,” noting that it would be “difficult” to get the county board to go along with additional staff.