Casper Memorial Dedicated

5/22/17 – Appreciation for the sacrifice a State Trooper made for love of community was shown Saturday with the dedication of the Trooper Trevor J. Casper Memorial. Hundreds attended the tribute in Fond du Lac to the trooper who died in a shootout with a bank robbery and murder suspect in March of 2015. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney quoted from Casper saying the idea of being able to help someone and put a positive impact on people’s lives is the reason he decided to be a police officer. Major Anthony Burrell of the State Patrol said of the memorial, “It’s not the slate or the marble. It’s emotion, tears, passion it represents. These emotions are a lasting appreciation and will be remembered forever through a community effort.” A Girl Scout troop gave roses to the Casper family, which they then laid on the memorial bench in the center of the memorial garden. The new memorial lies just mere yards from the impromptu memorial that inspired it. That smaller memorial is still decorated with flowers, plaques and mementos and is tended with care.