Carmello & Gardenia

Carmelo is a 5 month old, male, 29 lb, Shepherd mix dog. Carmelo found himself at Texas shelter. The foster family said he is great with other dogs. He’s working hard on house training and is very playful. Carmelo sustained an eye injury prior to arriving at the shelter. He does not seem to have vision in that eye, but it does not seem to bother him. He’s such a good boy for such a young dog! Make Carmelo part of your family this week.

53 days in the shelter and Gardenia is still without a home. We are scratching our heads as there is not one good reason she is still here. Gardenia is a sweet 3 year old Calico cat who is curious and loves to be a lap warmer. She will make a wonderful companion and best friend. Stop in the DCHS and make this week the week Gardenia finds her forever home!

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