Car Registration Fee Rejected

8/2/11 – City residents in Beaver Dam will not be paying a $10 fee on each car they own. That’s after the Beaver Dam Administrative Committee last night rejected the proposal by Director of Facilities David Stoiser. The annual registration fee was suggested by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to supplement cuts in funding that are outlined in the new state budget. As part of the budget repair bill, the city is anticipating a $66,000 reduction in road funds from the DOT. Stoiser says there are over 15,000 vehicles registered in the city and a $10 fee would bring in around $150,000. Alderman Jon Litscher says any funding shortfalls should be addressed as part of the budget process. The Administrative Committee had the opportunity to reject the matter by consensus but opted instead to take an official roll call vote so as to go on the record in opposition of the fee. The vote was unanimous. There was consensus in the Operations Committee last month to advance the proposal with no vote in support or against the proposed fee.